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BCC president John J. Sbrega said the middle school location represents a “dream come true for us.”

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The community college had provided day classes at the old Cohannet School building, where it shared space with the school department’s Taunton Alternative High School program. BCC had also offered night classes at Benjamin A. Friedman Middle School.

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Bristol Community College officials including President Jack Sbrega, and Director of the Taunton Center, Ph.D. Gloria Saddler have announced the opening of a new satellite location at the Silver City Galleria Mall.


BCC has more than 9,000 students enrolled at sites in Fall River, Attleboro, New Bedford and Taunton. Evening courses have long been offered in Taunton, but daytime classes haven't been offered in the city until now.

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Dedicated. Compassionate. Leader

Meet Gloria Saddler, your dedicated community leader and a candidate for the City Council. With a clear focus on effective leadership and meaningful representation, Gloria's passion lies in building strong community partnerships, fostering alliances, and leveraging resources for initiatives that directly benefit our residents. Her collaborative approach and ability to unite diverse groups will be vital in finding innovative solutions to the issues and unique challenges faced by our city's neighborhoods. 

Gloria's commitment to community engagement shines through her work with local organizations, institutions of higher education, and community leaders. Her proven ability to develop linkages and collaborative programming promotes civic participation and effectively addresses the specific needs of our neighborhoods.

Moreover, Gloria's financial acumen and budget management skills have been indispensable in her leadership roles within organizations. With her expertise, she has successfully developed, managed, and maintained operating budgets and fiscal expenditures, ensuring the responsible use of resources while meeting the needs the community.

As a City Council candidate, Gloria Saddler brings a wealth of experience and a profound dedication to serving our community. Her leadership, community engagement, and financial expertise make her the ideal candidate to represent us on the City Council, and with her vision and skills, she will undoubtedly work tirelessly to make our city an even better place for all its residents.

Gloria is not only a dedicated community leader but also a loving mother and grandmother. In addition to caring for her family, she has a special place in her heart for animals and is a proud pet mom to three adorable dogs. Her residence is in the vibrant Flint neighborhood of Fall River, where she actively contributes her time and efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of its residents.